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Friday, December 17, 2010

What Did I Do Wrong!!?

That was the first question i asked myself once i read one of my students message in my gym page,what did i do wrong?!

it was difficult , even decide  how to react to such message which was highly disrespecful,not a problem. it just hurts abit but make me worry alot if everythin's ok with the student?!!then start thinknig  i always do what i can do best for every one of my students  to make sure  they are all improving and getting close to their fitness goals...perhaps for this one i was not enogh to help and i may have tried harder.

ANYWAY, this little smart boy Andrew then  walk in and change whole my mood. He is a 5 year cute boy with high ambition to learn. Its very hard to be seriuos in gym to observe  some of his cute actions and playfullness as well as his high ability to learn fast and not smile...! 1st time he came to gym i was showing some basic kick to my students.i was about to test him as well to  see if he can start martial art as he was so young.

Mum; i want to train here and kick like master, Andrew said to his mother.i didn't even think the test was neccessery after hearing this as he has aldready set his goals to start! it's been already 3 month  and he is improving fast. if he keeps trying hard,he may soon reach his goal kicking even better than his master....

I think, my connection with student improve as much as their martial arts skills improve,its the languege we speak and takes sometimes so i don't think 3-4 times training was enough to know somebody and judge me or vice verse !!!
Give some times to whoever you care to  make it  up if anythings gone wrong.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

welcome note

dear readers/blogers
I was thinking  bloging is a easy job and if set my own blog one day i'll have alot to write and so many ideas to share!!here i am sitting in front of my laptop for hours and hours setting a very simple blog realizing it wasn't easy at all,yet have no idea what to write!!!

Anyway,I'd like to welcome you all to my blog to read and share anything which may have us all entertained and some how sharing my life's background mostly about my 27years journey  in martial arts,hopefully it will connect my experiences to yours for any further improvement...